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Best Man

Making Friends When You’re 30

Best Man

I have all type of friends.  Genuine “be there in a minute” homies.  Some of these guys I have recently gotten close to over the past 3-4 years.  Others and I go back for over a decade.  We’ve laughed.  Cried on some “man I don’t need her” mess and even got into the occasional beef.  But without a doubt my boys have always been there.  I appreciate them greatly.  I consider myself very fortunate because I realize there are a lot of people out there with maybe 1-2 good friends.  But I have a dozen of those and a good 6-7 who are as close as brothers.

But that was my life in Ohio.  Weekend trips.  Guy’s night.  Tailgates.  Sippin’ whiskey and laughing over the same stories we’ve recited for years.  In all honesty, I feel like everything my guys and I did was the coolest thing ever.  I say this knowing that really we don’t do anything different from what most guys do.   The short of it all is I have much love for my crew (#CrewLove).  However seeing how I decided to pack everything up and move to Florida I realized that those days were going to be few and farther in between.

I’m not saying that since I have moved I plan to be anti-social.  I even acknowledge that it will take time to make new friends and connections.  But making friends when your 20 is easy to do.  That point in life my friends and I all had the same circumstances.  Broke.  Single.  Inexperienced.  Naive.  It didn’t take much for us to have fun.  We were opinionated but for the most part got along with everyone.  But that is your 20’s.  We were open to new things, ideas, and people.  It was a time of self-discovery and experimentation.

Fast forward 10 years and things are a little different.  I’m still a likable guy.  However, experience and discernment has caused me to be far more picky about my association.  Besides I’m not alone, I come as a package these days.  So if she doesn’t like you it’s almost equivalent to my Father telling me I can’t play with certain kids.

But still everybody needs friends.  I’ve been here for 9 months and have started making some great connections.  But there was definitely the sizing up period.  These were some of the internal discussions I would have before bringing anything up to my new acquaintances.

  1. Should I tell this joke?  Nah, I’m going to sit tight.
  2. Anyone else going to order a drink?  I’m ordering a drink I don’t care.  Better yet I’m buying a round.
  3. They realize I meant guy’s night, right?
  4. They realize I meant couple’s night, right?
  5. What’s his jumper look like?
  6. I’m not the most handsome one, but I gotta be in the top 3.
  7. How much money do they think I have?
  8. Wonder if he’ll let me hold a $20?
  9. Don’t call my phone after 8PM unless it’s an emergency.
  10. If we had to fight our way out of here would he leave me hanging?

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