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Smooth Like Butta


Skin soft as a baby's....

Well, it’s mid January and I don’t know anybody that’s happy about it. The lack of moisture in the air makes keeping any semblence of healthy, vibrant skin a real chore. Nobody wants to walk around with dry skin because it’s uncomfortable; it actally hurts. Still, in the winter months,I’ve yet to find a lotion that does any better than actually using water. There’s alaways vaseline, or petroleum jelly- but it leaves you feeling greasy and slippery out of the shower. It’s also thick and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe, as it can clog pores if applied too liberally. What’s a man to do? Well, maybe you should try a body butter. What is a “body butter”? Well, I don’t exactly know, but from what I have been able to gather, it’s a mixture of natural oils and nutrients mixed together with lofty goals of replacing the word “lotion” in our collective dictionaries. These mixtures boast tons of natural ingredients and fragrances with promises to increase the “health” of your skin, the largest organ in your body. In the past few month’s I’ve gone through the task of trying, and evaluating a few concoctions in this class. Below, I’ll give you reviews on 2 of my favorites.

Ixora Botanical Beauty has probably my favorite product, a “Distinguished Gentelman’s Butter” which was formulated exclusively for the needs of male skin. The packaging was very professionally done. Inside, I got a jar of fragrant smelling “goo” and was instructed per included slip, to apply when skin was still damp and that a little bit goes a long way. Both words of advice were dead on. I have darker skin, so it gets extra dry in these months, but this product holds up very nicely to the sub zero temps outside. I can definitely see a sheen on my skin but it in no way feels heavy, my wife happens to like this product as well. For anyone looking to change up their regimen, I’d definitely recommend giving this company a try.

I also tried a butter from Ynobe Shop that worked well. It was thicker than the other company’s product, but the results were similar. It was dense enough to actually fight the dryness without being a burden. When I put a product on my body, I really want to not remember that it’s even there. I was able to do that with this one. It wasn’t formulated for men; actually I stole this out of my wife’s Brown Box subscription, and liked it so much I decided to buy it full sized.

Either of the above mentioned options are wonderful choices for guys looking to shed that winter ash, but the most impotant thing is that you use SOMETHING. Walking around with knuckles and knees that look like you got jumped by a bag of flour and her cousins is unacceptable. This is and you are a reader, so I assume you already know this though. Take my advice, and give the websites above a view and get your skin tight. That way, whether summer or winter, you can be smooth like butta…

Sincerely Fresh,
Mr. H

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