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Beyonce Isn’t A Cheap Date…But It Was Still Fun

Beyonce is unarguably the best female entertainer of my lifetime.  She can do it all sing, dance, and act sing really well.  Really she is truly special and I honestly feel she does not get the credit she deserves.  But she will one day.  I have seen her in concert three times.  Twice as a solo artist and once with Destiny’s Child.  Wow, that’s actually quite a bit when I think about it.  While I respect her talent I don’t own any of her albums personally.  I did have one of the Destiny’s Child albums back in the day (when CD club memberships were popular).  Mainly, I found myself at a Bey concert because a group of friends (mostly women) wanted to go and I figured why should I be the odd man out.  This past weekend I attended the Mrs. Carter show in Detroit, Michigan (pour one out for the city).  Honestly deep down I did not want to go.  But what Mrs. @SireSpeaks  wants I, @SireSpeaks, work to provide.   She’s never seen Beyonce live in concert before and I’m fairly sure she is her favorite artist.

That aside, concerts are not cheap nowadays.  Since file sharing has all but destroyed labels and artists abilities to earn money through album sales, tours are where the bacon is sliced.  So a seat in the nose bleeds of The Palace cost us $100 per person bought early in the year on presale.  The first time I seen Beyonce who was accompanied by Tamia, Missy Elliott, and Alicia Keyes it cost me $76.  Those seats were on the floor too.  When I saw Destiny’s Child who was accompanied by a very young Chris Brown and Mario it cost me $120.  But this time I was in the third row.  So close in fact I yelled something (blame it on the Goose) and Kelly Rowland looked at me like I was a clown.  But I can’t be mad at Beyonce and I’m not.  She put on a good show and started on time.  She didn’t perform “Upgrade Ya” but she performed “Love On Top” and that’s my jam (man card intact).  I knew the words to most songs she performed due to radio overplay and the fact that my wife played all her albums nonstop the week leading up to the concert.  But that actually added to the fun I had at the concert.

I semi-glad that I was able to attend the concert in Detroit.  You know seeing how they’re broke and everything.  But when I started to really think about it I was in the suburbs the entire time.  Sidenote: Did you know that Oakland County just on the outside of Detroit is one of the wealthiest counties in the country? Don’t be fooled people.  I stayed at the Renaissance in Novi.  I have to say it was really nice.  I tried to enjoy the nightlife in Detroit but they have something against good looking men in short suits. “Well sir, that outfit is really nice and clearly it is a suit but we have a policy against shorts”.  I rocked the heck out of that short set.  Beyonce had a line about a short set in one of her songs.  Oh well, guess the times haven’t caught up with my fly just yet.

Myself and @thecropscream waiting in the hotel lobby of the Renaissance

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